Simple October

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Sunday Adventure

Today, we had a lazy morning. Once everyone was awake and dressed we headed out on a little adventure. The weather promised nothing but yuck (rain) but we had to get out of the house for the day. It was most necessary for our survival through the next week. I mean, does it really have to be Monday already?!
We are obviously still in the "explore our new environment" phase. We'll probably be this way for a good bit, which is a nice change of pace.
As we left home it was time for lunch. We tried a new to us pizza place. Pizza was good.
With our tummies full, we ventured out to Galveston to see the coast. Making another trip out there when the weather is nice is on our to-do list. If it wasn't for the lightning, we would have gone out to walk on the beach. As it was, we just drove through, found a Marble Slab, and ended up driving home again. A few errands before we ended the night at home. Grilled cheese, (or toast and peanut butter for me) fruit, and chips for dinner. B and F spent about 30 minutes in the pool before bath and bed. I'm worn out but it was fun to do some exploring.
How was your weekend?



Tuesday, June 4, 2013

So many changes in our blessed life.

Hi! Thanks for hanging in there with me. I know I've been absent here for a little while.
We made an out of state move the middle of May and it's been just a little crazy around here.

Let me back up just a bit.
The end of April, David and I found out, quite unexpectedly, that we are anticipating the arrival of our third little one. *insert huge smile* We are over the moon excited to be given the gift of another sweet baby.
I never wrote about my roller coaster feelings about having another baby after being given the diagnosis for our twins. It was a hard thing to even think about for a while. After the initial shock of everything wore of a bit, we, David and I, decided if we wouldn't trade the boys for anything, why would we give up our dream of another. So, even though this pregnancy wasn't planned, we feel so blessed to be on this journey again.

The second weekend in May, David graduated from Law School. His parents came and as always, it was so nice to have them here. By the way, it still seems somewhat surreal that he is finished with school. I mean, he's been in law school for 4 years. Sometimes that feels like a lifetime.

Then there was Mother's Day. We ate lunch at Five Guys. Um...I've been craving beef like crazy.

The following weekend, my brothers and one of my sisters drove in from FL to help us move to Houston, TX. They had to leave for home all too soon but it was wonderful to have them stay with us. I was missing them before they left. They are really awesome people and I'm so thankful to call them family. Love you guys!

Our new house (rental).

We are loving it here. No neighbors underneath, beside, or above. Plus, the backyard is one of the boys' favorite places. Everything feels right and calm here.
Now, if I could just finish unpacking we would be golden. Ha!
I've been painting. So far, I finished our master closet and bath. I had not unpacked most of the stuff that goes in our closet and wanted to get it painted while it was still empty. Our bedroom is next on my list.
Since protecting the baby is a huge priority, this is how I paint. Special paint respirator mask and I wear gloves. The gloves are more for keeping the paint off my hands but whatever. *wink*

I'll be back soon with updates on my painting endeavors and you know I'll want to show off our completed rooms.
 Thanks for checking in to see what's been going on with the Kinsauls!