Simple October

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Mini Spring Scrapbook Album

My incredible friend, Patty, requested a Spring themed mini scrapbook similar to the mini albums I made last Fall. * This album was so much fun creating. I also really love these cardboard albums. They are my favorite.

*(Oops! Just went looking for a post to link back to the Fall album and realized I never blogged about them. I'll have to follow up with a post about them soon.)

Almost 6 Months

My mind keeps questioning over and over the reality of my baby on the brink of turning 6 months old. It doesn't even seem possible and yet in the same moment it feels as though he's always been here with us. / His sweet, happy, and sometime dramatic (so precious) personality is coming out more and more. / He's active but loves his sleep. / Cuddling is still his absolute favorite. / My favorite is laying down with him in the afternoon, I'll say "let's take a nap" and he giggles. Over and over. / He is definitely a HUGE fan of his mom, me. (*wink) I absolutely love it. /  He has my heart. Just like his brothers. /  Let's talk about those big brothers who sometime stop and give him a smile. / He completely lights up when they pay him any attention. / They are also his favorite. / They are interacting with him more and more. It's the sweetest and my heart feels so full just thinking about it. / He's on the edge of being able to sit up on his own. Rolling and scooting everywhere. / He loves to scream and squeal with delight. / He practices his pouty lip daily. / He sleeps through the night, mostly. / He has been working on trying to grab food and drinks for a few weeks now. / This morning he reached and reached for my bowl of Cheerios. Then, he proceeded to pout and half cry and share with me that he was upset that I wouldn't give him any of my Cheerios. This was a first. / I think I'm going to start him on solids this week. We can't have a hungry baby. / Have I mentioned how much I love this little man. / He totally has a piece of my heart.