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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Cookie Swap 2012

Have you been to a cookie swap?
They are amazing, right?
I love hosting them and yet I found myself "not that into it" this year.
Not sure what is going on with me this Christmas season.
Forcing the merriment is not my normal.
But I pulled myself together and hosted a super fun (even if I say so myself) party.

We have a "most creative packaging" award (prize).
It's fun to see all the different styles and how everyone gets creative.
The cookies and sweet treats were all amazing.

It was somewhat bittersweet knowing this was the last cookie swap I would host here.
Makes me glad I decided to host one, even with my lacking Christmas spirit.

Our prizes. We had a tie for our most creative packaging award.
I made the gold dots on the mug using this great sharpie mug art tutorial from the sweetest occasion. I'm not sure how long it stayed on but it was fun to make.
I also made the homemade marshmallows with homemade hot cocoa mix that is sitting in the mug.
Can you believe Christmas is almost here?!
Yesterday, the boy's gift from their Nana and Grandpa arrived in a great big box.
They have no idea what's inside but I am dying for Christmas morning.
They are going to flip!

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