Simple October

Monday, November 25, 2013

Caramels for the Holidays

During the Holidays, I always think it's nice to give special treats to those you appreciate.
This week I went for my final haircut of 2013. Since I knew I wouldn't be back until sometime next year, I wanted to treat my stylist to something sweet.
Enter the Homemade Caramels.......they are so amazing!

You can find the recipe here at Inspired Taste. This is the same recipe I used for the baby shower I co-hosted at the beginning of this year. Only this time I chose not to dip them in chocolate. Instead, I wrapped each piece in a small bit of wax paper. Perfect! These caramels practically melt in your mouth.
All wrapped up and sitting pretty in a mint blue mug from Target. The red and white polka dot cozy is handmade to add a little extra charm.
It's so much fun to come up with little gifts to give. What are some of your favorite things to treat your friends?


  1. Love this, and can't wait to give one away. Have you considered making a tutorial on your cozy. You're like the Yoda of Cuteness! I love this! I'm hoping to get a sewing machine for Christmas or my birthday and I would love to learn some of your sewing techniques :-)

    1. messtomission, thank you for your kind words. We welcomed our third beautiful boy into our family in December and I'm just starting to walk out of my baby fog. I'll work on a tutorial for my cozy and do my best to get it posted before Christmas 2014. ;o) Thanks for stopping by!