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Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Giving Pies

Well, I'm down to the last three weeks before our third little one arrives. I'm overly excited that he will be here so soon and equally excited to be able to eat different things again. Ha! I was diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes the last 9 weeks of this pregnancy and had to completely change my diet. In an effort to keep my blood sugar where it should be, I've been making the same few meals that seem to work, over and over. My husband has been such a trooper about it but I know he is just as excited for me to start cooking more variety again.
I say all of this to preface why all the mini pumpkin pies had to be given away. So, I took the batch of them, wrapped so sweetly, to my OB doctor and staff. They were a hit! Points for the win!!! *wink

Knowing that I was giving them away, I NEEDED to taste test them to make sure they stood up and didn't give me a bad rep. lol They were amazing! I even went so far as to cook my own pumpkin for these. (We never did get to that craft using pie pumpkins that I had planned. Oops.)

The adorable chalkboard tag is from Lia Griffith. Make sure to give her some love, if you visit her awesome website.

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